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Chef Soerke Peters, Mezzaluna

"I use Savor the Local because I get fresh, local produce, which has better nutritional value and flavor.  It supports my restaurant's seasonal dining approach and it meets all the criteria for my green restaurant certification.  I appreciate Colleen's personal attention, her enthusiasm and her commitment to local farmers and businesses.  The execution is spot-on!"


Gus Trejo, Chef at Dream Inn, Santa Cruz

I love using Savor the Local - the business helps me get produce from small, organic farms.  Savor the Local makes my life easier and the in-season only list inspires me and keeps me cooking within my community!   The foundation to any meal is great ingredients! 

Chef Trejo's use of produce sourced from Savor the Local.


baby red-veined sorrel and purple daikon radish


Rocket Arugula


celery root, baby beets and rocket arugula

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