Savor the Local home delivery


Home delivery for the Monterey Bay area of fresh, organically-produced vegetables (packed at the farm, with available harvest)!  

Delivery area: Monterey, Carmel (from Carpenter to Monastery Beach) and Carmel Valley (Carmel Valley includes all deliveries that are within 2 miles of Carmel Valley Road, and no more than 2 miles past Carmel Valley village).


Deadline to order is 7:30 am. Monday (for Tuesday/Wednesday)


For home delivery, your box will be delivered on the NEXT AVAILABLE delivery day, based on where you live.  

  • Tuesday - Monterey, Seaside, Carmel

  • Wednesday - Monterey (east towards the airport)

  • Friday - Carmel, Carmel Valley

For a discounted mystery box, you may pick up mystery boxes in the following localities:

  • Tuesday - Sand City

  • Friday - Big Sur, Monterey, Sand City, Carmel, Carmel Valley Village

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