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Savor the Local has a comprehensive list of local farms that grow produce organically.  Below is some information and insight into the farms that make up the roster for Savor the Local.

Savor the Local farm locations

  • Mariquita Farm is a small family farm located near Watsonville, California. The farm grows heirloom and specialty vegetables, greens, fruit, and herbs to provide high-quality and interesting ingredients for the best seasonal chefs in the Monterey Peninsula, Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, San Francisco and the East Bay.  Mariquita grows in a few greenhouses as well as  fields in Hollister, for a broad range of delicate and heat-loving plants. Mariquita means 'ladybug' in Spanish. (information taken from

  • Marsalisi Farm (another neighbor of Mariquita Farms) is owned by two brothers, who have citrus orchards, in which they grow Buddha's Hand Citron, bearss limes, Meyer lemons and Yuzu fruit.

  • Blue Heron Farms is a small family farm in Corralitos, (near Watsonville) specializing in amazing lettuces and beautiful, organically-grown flowers, for bouquets or edible petals.  The farm sells in farmers markets as well as to restaurants and stores.  Lori Perry and Dennis Tamura are the owners, and started Blue Heron Farm together many years back. 

    “Farming at Blue Heron is a labor of love. “Having meaningful work like farming is a luxury, but you pay with your life’s blood, said Lori. Especially during the summer, leisure time doesn’t exist — not at the level of quality and care we put into the farm. But providing local families with fresh, nutritious food is very satisfying; so is the harmony we feel with the support of our dedicated crew of 20 employees,” she added.”(info from the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets webpage)


  • Dirty Girl Produce is a small family farm with a couple of different fields in Watsonville, CA.  Dirty Girl grows a range of beautiful produce for discerning cooks, including chicories, carrots, lettuce, strawberries and dry-farmed tomatoes.

  • Everlasting Gardens is a tiny family farm in Aromas, with green-house grown wild arugula, (great flavor, long-lasting, perfect sized leaves, & great quality) baby carrots, baby kale, cucumbers and specialty basils.

  • Lonely Mountain Farms is a neighbor of Mariquita Farm, which is a small, diverse farm with hard-to-find items such as shelling beans, and super amazing sweet ripe strawberries for much of the year.

  • Far West Fungi is a family run farm, with an organic mushroom-growing operation in Moss Landing.  They also are a nexus for other foraged mushrooms and mushroom & gourmet products through their San Francisco location (ferry plaza).  The family also produces in-house dried and powdered mushrooms.  (photo of pink tree oyster mushrooms)

  • Yerena Farms is small family farm specializing in growing amazing berries in a few fields in Moss Landing and Aromas!  During the spring, summer and fall, they grow multiple varieties of strawberries, as well as blackberries, raspberries and tayberries.

  • Garden Variety Cheese is a small farmstead cheese business based in Northern Monterey County on 40 acre Monkeyflower Ranch.  Almost year-round, Garden Variety Cheese produces cheese and yogurt from raw sheep milk, including feta, a variety of tasty hard cheese and ricotta.

  • Schoch Family Farmstead Established in 1944, Schoch Dairy is located on the famed El Camino Real in the fertile Salinas Valley.  Schoch Dairy is one of only a few family dairies remaining in Monterey County.  Milking less than 80 purebred Holstein cows, the Schoch family have held true to their commitment to “quality over quantity”. Schoch Family Farmstead produces amazing yogurt, milk and artisan cheese from raw cow’s milk.

  • Pasture Chick Ranch is an amazing egg operation in San Juan Bautista.  The chickens live outside in flocks in pastures.  Each flock has its own livestock guard dog that lives in the field with them to keep them safe from predators.  Thus, the chickens are free to live a roaming lifestyle, eating bugs and grss, producing eggs that are super tasty and nutrient dense! 

  • Birdsong Orchards is a small (primarily fruit) farm, dedicated to growing a wide variety of heirloom and unusual fruit in the Ark of Food. Why do they do it?  Here's what the farmers say: 

  • To show that agriculture and nature can co-exist in harmony.

  • To prove that small scale organic farming can be viable.

  • To provide hope in the face of climate crisis.

  • To create a template for local farming in uncertain times.

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