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Savor the Local under new management

Miguel and Michael

Savor the Local was founded by Colleen Logan nine years ago in Carmel, CA. As the founder, she firmly believed in providing restaurants and home chefs locally grown organic produce and dairy products. She was inspired by all the amazing farmers with whom she has worked with over the years. Also, the amazing Chefs and home cooks who are committed to buying locally and seasonally; and supporting small farms in the process!

As new owners of Savor the Local, Miguel (right) and Michael (left) we want to carry on the Savor the Local legacy created by Colleen. We pledge to do our best to provide you with excellent service, and quality locally grown organic produce.



Savor the Local offers home delivery to residents of Seaside, Monterey, and Carmel 

Now is your chance to get your hands on restaurant quality locally grown organic produce. This the same produce local chefs use in restaurants such as

  • Dream Inn, Santa Cruz

  • Mezzaluna, Pacific Grove

  • Foray, Carmel

  • Chez Noir, Carmel

  • Sierra Mar (Post Ranch), Big Sur

  • Cella, Monterey

and many more...

Home delivery for a Farm Box (produce) box is $55  (home delivery).  The box contains a large amount of produce ranging from herbs to greens to vegetables you can cook, such as squash. Dirty Girl Produce packs the box at the farm with the best of the harvest that day. 


If you need some inspiration with what to prepare with the contents of your box Dirty Girl Produce has a great info page that can help.




Savor the Local works with a variety of small farms to deliver harvested-to-order organically grown produce to local chefs. Savor  helps chefs source amazingly fresh, chemical and pesticide-free local and sustainable produce. Savor also provides excellent personal service, which includes quality control for the best product, tracking down requested items and even having farmers grow to order.

What makes Savor the Local's business model unique is that most of the farms items are not available elsewhere in the Monterey area. The list of produce and farmers is comprehensive, and the mark-up is minimal to help not only the farms, but make it accessible to chefs

We are passionate about what we do. We love supporting chefs who cook with local ingredients that are in season and enjoy the challenge of bringing interesting and unique items for daily cooking or special occasions. Savor the Local is proud of the fact that the produce is harvested to order and delivered just in time.  95% of what we deliver was harvested that day or the day before. We directly help small farms thrive, by letting them set the prices, the minimum for each item and working with their schedules and means of communication. 



Chef Gus Trejo

Dream Inn

Santa Cruz

I love using Savor the Local - the business helps me get produce from small, organic farms.  Savor the Local makes my life easier and the in-season only list inspires me and keeps me cooking within my community!   The foundation to any meal is great ingredients! 

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